February 2018
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Almost ready…

Well, I’ve got my candy, I’ve got my pumpkins, and I’ve got my costume.

This weekend, I’ll be finishing up my yard display, and getting ready for the big night. Trick or treat hours are 6pm to 8pm in my town, so I’ll be cutting it close getting off work at 5, but I think I’ll make it home on time.

This year the display is a little more generic than the last couple of years. Starting a new job over the summer means I didn’t have the luxury of taking time off the week before to set up… but I think I’ve put together a pretty decent effort. At least this year I’ll be home to enjoy it, unlike the year I started my former job and missed the entire holiday due to having to work until 1am on Halloween (you’ll notice there are no 2007 photos on this website… that’s why).

Treats will include an assortment of full-size candy bars, and glow bracelets.

I am happy to say that I did acquire a new fog machine to replace the one that died last year. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it won’t be so cold that the fog just goes straight up. 🙂

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